Three Small Words

Can you remember the first time you heard the words ‘I love you’? Perhaps this memory goes back to being a toddler, a love-struck teen on your first date, or hearing Michael Jackson squeak them at you from a TV screen! No matter how old you were or are, these words hold some of the …

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Split Payment Option

Its time to make a split decision It’s like we are somehow programmed to be able to make quick decisions on the spot. When driving, you often make several quick decisions based on the behaviours of other drivers. Professional boxers have to make a split decision on which punch will clinch the match. And this …

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Black Friday

Unlike bread, cheese, a new TV, shoes and salty ham, your hearing is not a commodity. It is priceless!  You can’t place a value on it, except the absolute enjoyment you get from it. From being with friends and family, watching sports matches, to hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time!  Once you realise …

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Hearing Aids vs Gadgets

People who have hearing difficulties or hearing loss rely on technology to feel connected to the hearing world. The term ‘plugged-in’, in a Wi-Fi world, is an outdated statement. However, in some form or another, we are all plugged in to something via headphones, earbuds (hearables), hearing aids or hearing amplifiers.  From making the Zoom …

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Diabetes And Hearing Loss

Oh, for the love of sugary treats, from choccies, lollies, sour gummies, pastries and everything in between.  These yummy snacks bring us so much joy, but the sad truth is, if you consume too many, you could be at risk of becoming Diabetic, which may affect your hearing. The fact is, hearing loss is twice …

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Fitting Your Hearing Devices

These days, you can order almost anything online – including hearing devices. While there are of course reputable ecommerce dealers, purchasing the hearing device is only part of the story.  In this blog, we’ll take a look at why you should always consult a hearing care professional before choosing or fitting a hearing device. Choosing …

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