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They’re small, advanced, and will change your life for good! At Hearing Works, we’ll show you how tailor-made hearing aids improve your hearing without compromising your budget and your lifestyle. We LOVE changing lives.

Invisible in-the-canal (IIC)

Completely discreet – no one will know you’re wearing them.
Now you see me, now you don’t

*only for mild hearing loss
*dependent on size and shape of ear canal

Completely in-the-canal (CIC)

Small and discreet, hidden in your ear canal.
Dynamite comes in small packages!

*only for mild hearing loss

In-the-canal (ITC)

Slightly larger and more visible hearing aids, but they offer a wider range of functions and controls.

In-the-ear (ITE)

Fits completely in the concha/outer portion of the ear and offers more control and easier handling.
Just minding its own business!

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

Easy to adjust, put in and take out, plus the convenience of longer battery life.
Not just a hat rack. 

Slim Tubing (Mini BTE)

A more discreet option for moderate to severe hearing loss. More suitable for people with high ear-wax production.
All wax? No fuss! 

Receiver in-the-canal (RIC)

Most common style currently. Available in different colours and ideal for first time users. Covers all levels of hearing loss. Offers streaming, Bluetooth and rechargeability options. –The bend that’s on trend!

Bone-anchored hearing aid (baha)

Surgically implanted solutions that are considered speciality hearing aids for certain hearing loss conditions, where a hearing aid can’t be worn, or provides little to no benefit.
-Implants are in!

Which hearing solution is best for me?

Please note: the cost of your hearing aid is not necessarily determined by what the hearing aid looks like. The cost of the hearing aid is determined by the type of features the device may have, which impacts on the quality of sound you receive. These features perform various functions at different performance levels to offer you (the user) different benefits for specific listening environments.

Ts and Cs: Prices shown are per hearing aid, NOT per set | Prices for our products are subject to change without notice | Final prices may vary based on specific individual requirements and choice | Hearing devices are selected on a case-by-case basis | Hearing device selection is based on the individual’s audiogram, budget, lifestyle | Any images are for representation purposes only | We accept no liability, to the extent permitted by law, for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused arising from the purchase of any of our products or services | Products and pricing may vary between Hearing Works stores | Each store is owned and operated by an independent Hearing Care Professional

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