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Free Hearing Screening

Our online screening is the easiest way to check your hearing without leaving home – and it only takes 10 minutes

Comprehensive Hearing Test

This is a full diagnostic hearing assessment. In just 90 minutes, we’ll work out your full hearing profile and any treatment needs.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Customised digital hearing aids can transform your life. #LOVEYOURHEARING all over again with solutions that fit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Free Hearing Aid Trials

Take your new hearing aid for a one-week, no-obligation test drive to make sure it’s right for you

Repair Services

Just like a car, your hearing aids need to be serviced too! Bring them in and we’ll be sure to get them checked, cleaned, serviced, or repaired – keeping them in great working order to serve you for longer

Earwax Removal

Excessive build-up of earwax can be uncomfortable. We use safe and hygienic mechanical or irrigation methods for effective removal

Hearing Protection Aids

Custom-made earplugs to safeguard your ears in noisy environments, against water, and snoring partners!

Tinnitus Counselling

Advice on living with tinnitus, including symptom relief and treatment options based on your specific experiences and lifestyle.

Dis-Chem Wellness Clinic Screening Programme

Another convenient way to get a hearing screening as part of a full assessment of all your vital health indicators.

Screenings at Schools

Our mobile ear testing clinic visits places of education for early identification of hearing issues that could hinder learning.

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