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Tally is the co-founder and owner of Tally Sherban Audiologists Inc. T/A Hearing Works. She graduated from Wits in 2006 and has been practicing as an Audiologist since. Tally is a dedicated and passionate practitioner who truly embodies the Hearing Works slogan:

Love Your Hearing.

20% of South Africans

Suffer From Hearing Loss

(1 in 5 people)

You really have nothing to lose
Free Hearing Screening

Do an online free hearing screening today. This is a valuable baseline service which will cost you 3 minutes of your time and give you an indication of whether or not you should book for a Comprehensive Hearing Test in-store.

Affordability for everyone
Comprehensive Hearing Test

Visit the Audiologist in-store. The Audiologist will perform a variety of outer, middle and inner ear tests to independently assess each part of the ear. The entire assessment process is comfortable, painless and safe.

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