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This year’s focus is “Ear and Hearing Care For All” – providing adequate hearing tests and support for people who can not afford the treatments others take for granted.

People who are deaf or hard of hearing find it overwhelming when it comes to interacting with others. They may struggle academically and professionally, they may earn less than hearing peers and frequently feel excluded from family events and social situations.

In Africa alone, there are currently 136 million people living with hearing loss and by 2050, 337 million people will have some form of hearing-related issue.

At Hearing Works, we’re passionate about Love Your Hearing™, and to commemorate World Hearing Day, our team will be offering FREE hearing screenings to a variety of schools and organisations on the day, ensuring we actively assist our communities in hearing education, hearing care and upliftment.

As we have seen too many times, young children who weren’t able to get the proper treatment now struggle with major hearing issues well into their young adult years. But, there’s always a way!

We’ve made our hearing tests affordable so that more people can have access to more frequent hearing care checkups. In addition, here are some easy lifestyle changes you can make to help you take good care of your hearing.

Loud music and loud noise exposure are the main causes of hearing loss. So, limiting your exposure to it while substituting quiet time is the easiest way of reducing further harm.

  • You can significantly lower the decibels (unit of measure for sound) that you’re exposed to by wearing soft foam earplugs.
  • Set realistic time limits for using headphones.
  • Take at least a 20-minute “noise break” whenever you can.
  • Avoid swimming or washing your ears with dirty water as waterborne bacteria can cause infections.

At Hearing Works, we go the extra mile to offer you great value offers to ensure your hearing health comes first. From FREE hearing screenings, affordable hearing aids, R90 hearing tests, and so much more, we are always here for you.

Join our team at Hearing Works this World Hearing Day and let us help you take care of your most valuable asset - your hearing.

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