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Work is already a demanding landscape that’s full of daily challenges, learning curves, internal politics, and many more bumps in the road!

So, imagine being hard of hearing in a hearing-abled environment and how this could be quite a mind field to navigate!

When you have hearing difficulties and are starting a new position at a company, it is very important to be open and honest immediately.
Often people are afraid to admit they have a hearing issue for fear of being judged.

Rather inform your boss or an HR person so that they can educate other people to accommodate your communication needs and implement measures that will work in your best interest.

If you share with them insights into your daily struggles and suggest some possible solutions, this will help them gain a better understanding of what you go through. It also demonstrates resourcefulness, independence, and problem-solving on your behalf.

Now, what business doesn’t want this type of employee working for them?

Today, technology offers several helpful Apps, hardware, and other options to live well with hearing loss.

These include sophisticated and comfortable hearing aids that provide high fidelity hearing, captioning devices, smartphones, FM technology, loop systems, Bluetooth-enabled technology, and many more.

As hearing care is a well-resourced field, each year, researchers and device manufacturers provide a wide range of new and advanced hearing solutions that aim to improve your overall quality of life.

First and foremost, empathy is a key word here. Learn to understand the hard of hearing and be supportive. They need to understand and believe that you are on their side.

Employers should celebrate the hard of hearing person and address solutions to overcome the misconceptions that others may have. If it’s a colleague of yours, make sure that they know you’re on their side!

Most often, people with hearing loss will be extremely hard on themselves already, so do what you can to include them wherever you can.

This will enhance their mood and positively impact the work that they produce.

It goes without saying that the surest way to ensure your hearing is in the best condition at all times, is to book an appointment for a hearing test at your nearest Hearing Works store.

No matter the outcome, there are so many great solutions on offer today that will make you, a family member, a friend, or a colleague feel included and part of the conversation.

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