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Can you remember the first time you heard the words ‘I love you’?

Perhaps this memory goes back to being a toddler, a love-struck teen on your first date, or hearing Michael Jackson squeak them at you from a TV screen!

No matter how old you were or are, these words hold some of the best memories.

They carry the promise of hope, belonging, being nurtured and feeling loved. They make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. They are what we seek to be at ease in a relationship, friendship or partnership.

In many cases, they can even validate how we feel about ourselves!

Now imagine that you never heard those words before?

How would this affect your life?

This Valentine’s month, it’s all about #loveyourhearing.

Take good care of your hearing so that you never fall into the category of people who can’t hear those three simple words.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou 

In fact, it seems to be an ongoing trend to choose a place to say ‘I love you’ that will stay in your memory for much longer.
Tonality and environment make romance even more concrete. 

Recently, I heard of a marriage proposal that took place in aisle three at the local supermarket. It’s in this aisle that you can find onions, cabbage and sundried tomatoes! Ironic maybe, but this makes for a humorous story that these two people will never forget. 

Here are some tips to keeping your hearing in check so that you never miss out on ‘I love you’ again.

If you want to read more on these interesting preventative measures, click here:

So, during this month when love is in the air, visit your nearest Hearing Works hearing care professional and fall in love with your hearing again.

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