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Its time to make a split decision

It’s like we are somehow programmed to be able to make quick decisions on the spot. When driving, you often make several quick decisions based on the behaviours of other drivers.

Professional boxers have to make a split decision on which punch will clinch the match. And this one we can all relate to; dealing with a time crunch at work where you have to make a split decision to meet an important deadline.

But, what we’re going to discuss in this blog is entirely different.

It is about a split decision to remove the financial strain these holiday months put on our wallets!

Hearing Works is now giving you the opportunity to split the payment of your hearing aids over two months.

One payment in December 2021 and the next in January 2022! How is this going to make a difference in your life?

Hearing aids are usually a pricey but essential investment. 

The hearing care professionals at Hearing Works will always inform you about the best way to invest in your hearing health. 

That means not cutting any financial corners as your hearing is a life-long asset. 

Your hearing care professional is exceptionally skilled and has years of experience, so always take their advice seriously. 

They’ll also help you choose the right hearing aid that fits your budget, lifestyle and unique shape of your ears. 

So, when you invest in hearing aids, you’re ultimately investing in a better quality of life.

Firstly, to be eligible for this split payment, you need to be a Hearing Works patient on a medical aid plan. Your plan cannot be a hospital plan only. It must have the annual hearing aid benefits option. 

Once your hearing care professional advises you to get hearing aids, you can decide almost immediately and begin to enjoy your holiday without worrying. 

It’s that simple.

Your nearest Hearing Works store keeps a wide range of hearing aids and accessories to choose from.

If you have been delaying the decision to get your hearing tested, the best time is now!

So, with Hearing Works’ new split payment option, this is one split decision you’ll make that will benefit you for the rest of your hearing life.

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