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Customised digital hearing aids can transform your life. #LOVEYOURHEARING all over again with solutions that fit your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.

Choosing the right hearing device

With so many designs of hearing device available, you need to have the answers to some important questions before you buy. What kind of hearing loss are you experiencing, to what extent is your hearing impaired? Which type of hearing device would best suit your lifestyle? Then of course there’s the question of budget.

Get device advice

The first stage in choosing the right hearing device is to have a full hearing test at your local Hearing Works store to establish the status of your hearing, and any issues that you may have.

Free Hearing Aid Trials

Take your new hearing aid for a one-week, no-obligation test drive to make sure it’s right for you

Repair Services

Just like a car, your hearing aids need to be serviced too! Bring them in and we’ll be sure to get them checked, cleaned, serviced, or repaired – keeping them in great working order to serve you for longer

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Customer Reviews

Tally Sherban

Tally is an Absolute pleasure to work with. Efficient communication prior to the appointment, during the appointment she explained everything so articulately and effectively which made me comfortable around her, she is very patient and gentle as well. She also goes the extra mile for you, I asked for a letter of absence for my workplace and as promised I had it by the end of the day. 10/10 experience!

Tally Sherban

Ms Tally’s kindness and hospitality was felt beyond her office as she went out of her way to find a specialist who was capable of dealing with the challenge and referred us to one who was close by. With our past experiences with health practitioners it is VERY rare to find one’s who have a passion of their patients wellbeing and put it above their profits, without hesitation. A true diamond in the rough and one of the most kindest and passionate practitioners I have encountered in my life. Would highly recommend.

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