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These days, you can order almost anything online – including hearing devices. While there are of course reputable ecommerce dealers, purchasing the hearing device is only part of the story.

 In this blog, we’ll take a look at why you should always consult a hearing care professional before choosing or fitting a hearing device.

Choosing the right hearing device

With so many designs of hearing device available, you need to have the answers to some important questions before you buy.
What kind of hearing loss are you experiencing (in other words, why do you need a hearing device)? To what extent is your hearing impaired? Which type of hearing device would best suit your lifestyle? Then of course there’s the question of budget.


Get device advice

The first stage in choosing the right hearing device is to have a full hearing test at your local Hearing Works store to establish the status of your hearing, and any issues that you may have.


You may never meet the person you\’ve helped with your old hearing aids, but we can tell you that they\’ll be delighted to receive them. Whether its a kid or an elderly person that we can help thanks to your generosity, you\’ll have made a he difference in someone else\’s life.

At Hearing Works, our hashtag #LoveYourHearing means so much more : its about everyone being able to live their best life and take part in conversations, get a good job, and enjoy nature. All these things are so much easier to do when you can hear well – and when a kind Hearing Works patient has donated their old hearing devices.


If they don’t fit comfortably, you’ll be reluctant to wear them. Without a snug fit, you might experience feedback or irritating whistling. We know a hearing device is of no use to you if it ends up at the back of your sock drawer!

Sound advice

Once you’ve decided on the right hearing device, the next stage is having it fitted. This includes selecting the correct settings to give you an optimum audio experience in all the situations you’re likely to encounter. Your new hearing devices need to be correctly programmed by the hearing care professional so that you get maximum benefit from them. That requires technical knowledge and experience, and involves balancing your hearing loss with your hearing needs. It also involves verification of your settings so that we know that we are meeting your target hearing levels, ensuring optimal hearing for you, no matter the environment you are in.


The latest hearing devices feature a lot of tech features that make life easier – but only if they’re set up correctly. These include Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio direct from your devices, and smartphone Apps that let you adjust the settings on your hearing devices without touching them. 

That means you can be more discreet about your hearing devices – not that there’s anything to be embarrassed about, but people might respond to you differently if they see that you’re wearing them.

All in all, you’ll have a better hearing device experience if you get them fitted by a hearing care professional
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