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The Dome Zone

The right dome makes a big difference!

Domes are small silicone pieces that fit onto the end of your hearing aid tube and go deep inside your ear canal.
Not all domes are the same, so your nearest Hearing Works audiologist will help find the perfect one to fit the unique shape of your ear canal.

Different kinds of domes

Open Dome

These are perfect for people who have high-frequency hearing loss and do not need amplification for the lower frequencies. These open domes have many holes which allow the low-frequency sounds to go directly into the ear, bypassing the hearing aid.

Open Bass Dome

The advantage of an open bass dome is that they reduce the occlusion effect. An example of this effect is when you plug your ears with your fingers, dampening the sound quality and sharpness. These domes improve the overall sound quality, especially the bass tones.

Different kinds of domes

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