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Remote MICs

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The vast array of chargers ranges from simple plug-in chargers to advanced devices that have rechargeable batteries. It’s a world of choice waiting for you. See some of our range below.

All brands of hearing aid accessories available

Charging units sold separately

The joy of Bluetooth connectivity

New hearing devices are generally Bluetooth enabled and will require a connector that allows you to simply listen to dynamic audio directly from your TV set. It’s handsfree hearing enjoyment of the future.
See our range below.

Remote microphones are wireless systems that work together with hearing aids to help people understand speech in noisy situations and over distances. There are also remote microphones that can be used by “hearing normal” individuals.
See our great range below.

Want to watch and hear?

Want to hear your favourite bands or any audio file seamlessly?

Remote streamers are devices that allow you to stream a wide variety of media, giving you the freedom to appreciate the moment.
See our great range below.

A device to help you hear well with hearing aids in noisy environments

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