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Modern hearing devices are amazing – they can make a radical difference to your ability to participate in, and enjoy life. Unfortunately, they can alosbe too expensive for South Africans living in poverty, or those who don\’t have medical aid policies.

This means that some of our most vulnerable fellow citizens have to live with the frustration and distress caused by hearing issues.

At Hearing Works, we believe that everyone has the right to the best possible hearing, and that hearing care should be available fir everyone. We\’re on a mission to ensure that as many people as possible can love their hearing – and thats where you come in.




Today\’s hearing devices are miniature marvels of technology, and they\’re very resilient for their size.

They can continue to work long after you no longer need them, so we\’re appealing to all Hearing Works customers who come in for an upgrade, to leave their old hearing devices with us.

Thank to Hearing Works and partnering outreach programmes, they can go on to have a whole new life – and transform someone\’s life in the process


If you leave your old hearing devices with us, assuming they\’re still in working order, we\’ll either use them for one of our pro bono cases, or donate them to various University outreach programmes.

In this way, they\’ll reach someone who really needs the help – and you\’ll get to know that not only do you have new hearing devices, but that you\’ve given someone else the gift of improved hearing, too.

After all, two of the best feelings in the world are being able to hear every word, every sound and every note clearly – and knowing that you\’ve been able to help someone else do the same.



You may never meet the person you\’ve helped with your old hearing aids, but we can tell you that they\’ll be delighted to receive them. Whether its a kid or an elderly person that we can help thanks to your generosity, you\’ll have made a he difference in someone else\’s life.

At Hearing Works, our hashtag #LoveYourHearing means so much more : its about everyone being able to live their best life and take part in conversations, get a good job, and enjoy nature. All these things are so much easier to do when you can hear well – and when a kind Hearing Works patient has donated their old hearing devices.

On behalf of our pro bono cases and beneficiaries of University Outreach programmes, thank you


ask us about donating your old hearing devices next time you visit your nearest Hearing Works store for an upgrade





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