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As far as humans go, we’re quite an adaptable bunch. Most of us are stubborn or bull-headed by nature, but when changes come, we seem to adapt well.

The same can be said about adapting to certain changes in our bodies. As we get older, we have to ‘pivot’ and embrace that our hearing will get weaker over time. But like most things, if we have regular check-ups and address the problem early on, we can age happily and gracefully!

We have to adapt to changes in our hearing and find the best solution that works for us. If you need hearing aids, you will need a bit of time to adapt to this change.

So, wear them at home or in other quiet environments initially. The first few days may be challenging, but the key is to continue wearing them and incorporate them into all of your daily routines.

• Take many breaks. You don’t have to use them for the full 8 hours. Start with 2-hours a day first and gradually increase.
• To help handle initial difficulties, make follow-up visits at your nearest Hearing Works store.

When you first switch to hearing aids, use them regularly. This is important. Wear your hearing aids every day for as long as they are comfortable during the first several weeks to help you adjust. And remember, remove them before going to bed.

What is fundamental is that there is no rush.

Go at your own pace, but keep in mind that the more you use your hearing aids, the faster you will become accustomed to them.

The world will sound different, so listen carefully to reacquaint yourself with a wide range of sounds.

Many sounds, like the kettle, the phone, and even the refrigerator, may surprise you. That’s normal, don’t worry! To recognise them, you’ll have to recall their sounds.

When watching TV, have someone inform you when the volume on the TV is normal, then adjust the volume on your hearing aids so you can hear.

There should be no anxiety regarding the natural changes in your body.

Make the right call to get on top of the situation, and remember, Hearing Works will help you adjust every step of the way!

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