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Its time to make a split decision

How many times have you had a sensation of ringing in your ears? Or at the restaurant, the waiter reading the specials to you sounds like a vintage fax machine! 

Sorry to be the bearer of a hearing reality check! The above are indications that you or a loved one may be experiencing the early signs of hearing loss. 

So, let’s look at the six reasons to know when it’s time to visit your hearing care professional.

ring ring

Tinnitus or a ringing sensation in your ears is the first sign. For many people, it may be temporary, especially after hours of loud music or noise. For others, Tinnitus is something they have been living with for many years and is a permanent condition. 

Ok, so no need to panic either way. 

Make an appointment with your nearest Hearing Works hearing care professional, and they will give you all the advice you need.

what did he say?

Ever find yourself shouting at the TV with a “what the heck did you say?” 

Or, increasing the volume so high that your neighbours bang on your walls? 

When you’re experiencing this or having others repeat what they said, this is the next sign that you are due for a hearing test.

becoming anti-social

If you allow yourself to go undiagnosed and find yourself retreating socially, underlying signs of depression may be playing a role here. 

Saying NO more times to social events than saying YES because you feel embarrassed is a sure sign that it’s time to get your hearing tested.

earwax build up

Sometimes your hearing sounds a bit like being underwater, muffled and distorted. This sensation could be due to a simple increase of earwax inside your ear canal. 

A visit to your nearest Hearing Works hearing care professional will be able to give you the clarity that you need.

a sudden loss

Not to alarm you, but if you or a loved one suddenly lose hearing in one or both ears, there may be some serious underlying causes. 

The instant this occurs, visit your nearest Hearing Works hearing care professional and let their experience and care guide you forward.

are you?

• Are you recognizing some of these signs?
• Have you checked your hearing in the past year?
• Are you over 50?
• Have you been exposed to noisy environments for many 


Then reading this blog is a sign for you!

Having your hearing tested often is important because early detection will ensure many of these signs don’t get worse.

So, make an appointment for a hearing test the number one resolution this new year and let hearing health be your goal for 2022.

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