What is a Comprehensive Hearing Test?

So exactly what happens when you go

for a hearing test?

First Step

Your Free Hearing Screening

We need to be sure that you have a hearing problem, before you invest the time in a full hearing test. So we start your assessment with the Hearing Works 10-minute baseline hearing screening. It is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to find out whether a comprehensive hearing test is required.

The in-store hearing screening includes:

Video Otoscopy

A video inspection of the external ear and ear canal to confirm the presence of ear wax build-up or obstructions in the ear canal, malformations of the external ear/ear canal, narrowing/collapse of the ear canal, perforation of the ear drum, swelling and exostosis.

Baseline screening

Screening, in any form, is a basic assessment to establish whether further examination is necessary.

Free Online Screening

However, you can also perform our online free hearing screening right now to give you an indication of whether or not you have a hearing problem. It only costs you 5 minutes and you can do it from the comfort of your home or work place.


Second Step

The Comprehensive Hearing Test

This is your full diagnostic hearing assessment, which is performed by an Audiologist is in a sound-proof booth. The purpose of this assessment is to determine if a hearing loss exists.

Whether you are on a medical aid or not, hearing tests at Hearing Works are affordable and carried out by a hearing care professional.  A comprehensive hearing exam can take about an hour, during which time the audiologist will ask about your hearing experiences and examine your ears.

The audiologist will then test your ears by playing different sounds at different pitches through a pair of headphones and ask you to press a button every time you hear a sound.

The audiologist will discuss your results with you and whether you would benefit from hearing assistance.  If you can be helped by hearing aids, the audiologist will explain the range and different options available to you.

Regular hearing checks are important, so it is recommended you have a hearing test every year because hearing deterioration can happen gradually. The sooner issues are detected, the easier they are to correct.

For Children

The Comprehensive Hearing Test for Children

Hearing tests can be scary for your young ones but the benefits of performing these tests far outweigh the initial fear from having to interact in the strange environment.
A hearing screening at birth, followed by hearing screenings at the age of 1 year, three years and five years is recommended.When it is necessary, the audiologist will refer you to trusted ENT’s, GP’s or other healthcare professionals for medical treatment and will follow up with you after the treatment was completed.

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