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Tally Sherban

Tally is a qualified speech therapist and audiologist with 17 years of experience. She completed her community service at Witbank Hospital, after which she gained vast experience working in independent private practices, pre-and-primary schools, and within the corporate audiology world. She co-founded the Hearing Works group in November 2017 with the launch of her practice in Rosebank Mall. You’ll find her in her practice or in meetings that involve growing the Hearing Works group nationally.

Tally is truly passionate about the interaction of audiology and hearing health with people and communication. She prides herself on her patient-centered, personalised customer service. Her goal is to make hearing healthcare services affordable to all, maintain best practice principles, and to destigmatise hearing loss and hearing aids by empowering people to understand what they can gain by addressing their hearing challenges. Tally is an English Bulldog mom of four, a foodie who loves nature and the sound of belly-aching laughter.

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Hearing Tests
What is a hearing test?
What is a hearing test?

Never had a hearing test? It’s not as scary as you think!

We will do a series of tests to make sure that your ears are healthy and working well. If not, we’ll discuss your tailor-made solutions.

Is it important?
Do you need a hearing test?

Healthy adults ages 18-40 years old, who are not experiencing any noticeable hearing loss, should have their hearing tested every three to five years.

You may have to have a test more often if you:

  • are over 60 years old
  • are often exposed to loud noises
  • have hearing loss
  • have a family history of hearing loss
  • notice a change or decrease in your hearing ability
Your safety is our #1 priority
What about COVID-19

All our stores adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure that you and your families are as safe as possible

Gersha Arends is an excellent optometrist, and the rest of the team are friendly and helpful. We all chose my frames together, and I am so happy with them. I can see clearly now. I even got a pair of sunglasses with my prescription as a special. Varifocals have changed my life!

Veronica Diesel

The service is absolutely amazing, and my whole process of getting new spectacles was fast and efficient. I would highly recommend having Vision Works Rosebank as your go-to place for eye care.

Joseph Mbedzi

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