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When do I absolutely need a hearing test?

Detecting hearing loss can be quite a difficult task. The deterioration is slow and gradual, so you may not even be aware of it.

Let’s have a look at some of the many causes of hearing loss in adults:

  • Being around loud noises often in the workplace

  • Mowing the lawn or using power tools

  • Shooting guns or other weapons

  • Loud music, both live and recorded

  • Too much ear wax

  • Getting hit on the head

  • Having an ear infection

  • Taking certain medication

  • Problems with hearing that run in the family

How Will I Know if I am Experiencing Hearing Loss?

6 common symptoms which could indicate you may be experiencing hearing loss:

1. Did You Say Something? Are you frequently asking people to repeat themselves? This is one of the biggest warning signs you may have hearing loss. 2. Can't Hear in Noisy Places

Struggling to hear speech in places with lots of background noise such as restaurants or at a party can often be a symptom of hearing loss. Being unable to hear clearly can make it very difficult to engage or participate in family or group activities etc.

3. Turn it Down a Notch

Are you finding that you're frequently turning up the volume and your friends are complaining about how loud it is? The problem may not be with your TV or radio.

4. Ringing in Your Ears

Look out for a ringing sound in your ears, particularly after exposure to very loud music or noise. This ringing sound, otherwise known as Tinnitus, can very well be a warning sign of hearing loss.

5. Missing Out on Everyday Sounds

When was the last time you heard the neighbour’s dog barking, the bird’s chirping or even a baby crying? Missing out on everyday sounds is one of the biggest hearing loss red flags.

6. Trouble Talking on the Phone

If you’re finding that speaking on the phone is becoming more and more frustrating, particularly on a cell phone, then don’t torture yourself. Resolve the problem by arranging a hearing test.

Loss of hearing, for whatever the reason, can often lead to embarrassment and isolation due to the inability to always engage in conversation, which in turn can lead to depression. Don’t allow it to get that bad for you! Get the necessary help and reclaim your hearing and happiness.


Hearing Tests For Adults: What to Expect What? Signs You Need a Hearing Test


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