• Tash Casey

The Emotionally In-tune left ear.

When it comes to our emotions, none of us can escape what we truly feel, but many of us struggle with communicating these emotions to our peers and family. Well according to recent studies, a contributing factor to reaching someone on the emotional level may be as simple as knowing which ear is the correct one to talk into.

Yes, you read that correctly, human beings possess a brain which consists of two hemispheres. The left hemisphere deals solely with logic, science, and mathematics whereas the right hemisphere dominates our artistic, creative and emotional sides. We all know that different hemispheres of the brain are responsible for the opposite side of bodily function, but something you may not know is that this includes the cochlear (or acoustic) nerves which carry the electrical signals of sound to your brain where they are ‘decoded’.

With the above knowledge in mind it is easy to understand that we identify and recall over seventy percent of all emotionally charged words with our left ears. This is because the sounds and signals that stream from that side are directed and ‘decoded’ by the right - emotionally in tuned - hemisphere of the brain.

Astonishingly, memory is also affected. Researchers at Sam Houston University conducted an experiment where 100 men and women were subjected to listening to words relating to emotions such as love, anger, happiness, sadness. Results from the study suggested that listeners remembered seventy percent more of the words directed toward the left ear in comparison to the right.

The findings explain why most mothers cradle their babies on their left side. Music and melodies are also easier to recognise accurately through the left ear. However, the reverse is also applicable. If you are asking for something to get done or giving instructions to be followed, do so towards the right ear. The right ear (left brain) is better at deciphering verbal information and processing new information.

So the next time you’re whispering sweet somethings into your loves ear, remember to aim for the left. However if you need him to take out the trash or clean the dishes be sure to aim right - with a slightly affirmative tone.

Love your hearing by understanding it.


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