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Hearing loss: its affect on my life's quality

Untreated hearing loss may result in psychological, emotional and social problems which sadly do have an effect on your quality of life. The relationships between the people closest to you can often be the most affected. Only in the past decade, it has become apparent that hearing loss impacts the life of individuals far more than previously realised.

Hearing loss affects all these aspects of life:


An untreated hearing loss is known to have negative impacts on relationships. Especially with your partner but also your children and grandchildren. Relations with friends, other family members and colleagues may suffer, as well. Day to day communication among couples or family, is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. When communication breaks down, frustration creeps in. That frustration can lead to resentment, which leads to further breakdown in communication.

Psychological / Emotional Stress

Some of the psychological/emotional consequences of an untreated hearing loss include:

  • Embarrassment

  • Problems concentrating

  • Sadness or depression

  • Worry and frustration

  • Anxiety

  • Insecurity

  • Self-criticism and low self-esteem/self-confidence

Social Anxiety

Some common social problems for people with an untreated hearing loss are:

  • Isolation and withdrawal

  • Loss of intimacy

  • Inattentiveness

  • Bluffing

  • Distraction and/or lack of concentration

  • Problems participating in social life

  • Reduced social activity

  • Problems at work - may have to give up working/retire

The Good News

The good news is that experiencing hearing loss does not need to define you, your relationships and your happiness. The sooner you treat it the sooner you can regain your confidence and zest for life!

Take The Next Step

Many people feel embarrassed about wearing a hearing aid. Don’t fall into this trap. The risks of not treating hearing loss are far greater than sporting a discreet device in/on your ear. Start enjoying your life as you did once before. Rekindle old friendships and reconnect to your family. The sooner you make the first move, the closer you are to a brighter more fulfilling future.


How Hearing Loss May Affect Your Life Hearing Loss Affects the Quality of Life


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