• Tash Casey

5 Fast facts: Understanding hearing loss

Fact 1

1 in 6 adults suffer from hearing loss.

Fact 2 Hearing loss ultimately interferes with your communication ability, your social interaction, educational learning and occupation. But the most undisclosed effects of hearing loss is how it affects your emotional well being.

Fact 3

You are incapable of following what people are saying? Sound is muffled and you feel left out of conversations? This causes social frustration and ultimately despondency?

Fact 4

Advanced hearing loss is often associated with other serious medical conditions such as diabetes, alzheimer's disease, depression and anxiety. The good news is that hearing loss is almost always manageable through hearing care.

Fact 5

A hearing assessment can help you find out whether modern hearing instruments can help you hear clearly and naturally again, and in doing so, remain connected with the world around you.


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