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What do our hearing aid packages include?

You can never understand the true cost of losing your hearing, which is why our hearing aid packages are designed to give you not only your confidence but also your quality of life back.
Our hearing aid packages include our complimentary 3-month bespoke hearing aid aftercare programme which offers you monthly monitoring, adjustments and fine-tuning, equipment checks and updates. We will be here for you, every step of the way. The package prices also include two hearing aid devices (one for each ear), programmed specifically to meet your hearing needs.

Gain more than just your hearing. Get your life back.


Was R9 999

Now from R4 500

Basic Package

The basic package includes everything you need for hearing your day to day activities.
The selection of entry-level digital range of hearing aids offer clear, natural and comfortable listening in unchallenged environments.
This package is best suited for patients who require a solution for environments where there are few competing demands on your hearing devices.

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Was R12 500

Now from R9 500

Intermediate Package

This hearing package includes a range of devices better suited to function under more challenging noise conditions where you encounter environments with multiple levels of sound. The biggest differentiator is the added noise reduction.
This hearing aid range provides improved sound quality that automatically makes speech easier to understand and the wearer more comfortable within noisy backgrounds

See a full list of features below:

Was R15 200

Now from R12 200



This hearing aid range offer a seamless and superior hearing experience.
These hearing aids adapt to the most demanding environments automatically so you don't have to. Highly sophisticated technologies work together to enhance your hearing capability in all listening environments, even in the most challenging listening situations.

These top-of-the-range devices are unparalleled when it comes to hearing aid technology.

See a full list of features below:

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Offer valid while stocks last:

  • Pictures of the hearing aids are for representation purposes only.

  • Prices quoted are per hearing aid, not per set.

  • Prices may vary according to technology level.

  • Final prices may vary based on specific individual requirements and preference of choice.

  • Final products may differ in shape, size, colour and make.

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